Aircraft’s Noise Certification

According to the International, European, and national legislative framework, each aircraft shall carry a Noise Certificate, within its airworthiness certification, where noise levels related to its specific technical characteristics are listed.

ICAO Annex 16, Vol.1, is fully adopted by the European Legislation via the New Basic Regulation (EU) 1139/2018.  The Basic Regulation is accompanied with the Implementing European Regulations 1321/2014 and 748/2012 and their amendments.  Furthermore, European Regulation 748/2012 is accompanied by the EASA Decisions 2012/020/R and 2003/4/RM, and specifies via Subpart I the noise certification and aircraft noise certificate issuance procedures.

European Unions’ Regulations are automatically incorporated in the Hellenic legislation and implemented by the Civil Aviation Authority, in accordance with European Law.

The HCAA Environmental Protection Department issues Aircraft’s Noise Certificates after appropriate application, in the following cases:

α) First registry of an aircraft in the Hellenic civil aircraft registry.

b) Alteration of registration number (for example from SX-DFA to SX-WBV).

c) Modifications (technical changes) that affect noise characteristics of a registered aircraft for which a Noise Certificate has already been issued.

d) Lack of a Noise Certificate or lack of No Noise Standards Statement.

e) Loss, destruction or theft of an issued Noise Certificate.

The Noise Certificate, within the airworthiness of an aircraft, must be issued prior to the issuance of the Registry Certificate by the HCAA.

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