air transport economics

Air Transport Agreements

Commercial Air Transportation can only be performed if permitted by the states affected by the operations. Especially in order to give international scheduled air services a stable legal basis under international law states conclude Air Services/Air Transport Agreements.

Bilateral Air Services Agreements

Air Transport Agreements concluded between Greece and third countries are called Air Services Agreements (ASAs)

ASAs regulate – normally in the part called ”Route Annex” – the routes and the  points which may be served. An agreement would among other things regulate conditions regarding airlines and the number of airlines which each state party may designate. Also, restrictions on the number of frequencies which may be operated or other capacity restrictions may be part of the agreement. 

EU agreements

  • Comprehensive agreements

A Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement is conducted between EU and its member states and third countries and its main aims are to liberalise market access to third countries, while ensuring regulatory convergence and a level playing field for open and fair competition in international aviation.

  • Horizontal agreements

A Horizontal Agreement brings existing bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and third countries in line with EU law.