Hellenic Plan for Aviation Safety

HCAA announces the 1st edition of the Hellenic Plan for Aviation Safety (Hellenic PAS or HPAS) processed by the Safety Management and Occurrence Reporting Section (SMOR) in cooperation with the HCAA Safety Committee and key regulated organisations.

Hellenic PAS is approved by the Safety Review Board of HCAA and issued by the Governor of HCAA.

The purpose of the Hellenic PAS is to describe the actions that need to be implemented at National level to face the key safety issues regarding civil aviation in Greece.

HCAA has established safety management processes at State level for identifying safety issues and managing them for continuously improving aviation safety in Greece. The main input for that is the occurrence reporting from regulated organisations through the ECCAIRS2 platform that commenced in February 2022 and from oversight activities. The key safety issues are also described in the 1st HCAA Annual Safety Review for 2022 (HCAA 2022 ASR) which was published in June 2022.

Hellenic PAS consists of two volumes.

1st Volume includes the strategic priorities of HCAA for aviation safety for the period 2024-2025, the safety objectives, and the relevant SPIs in Systemin and Operational level.

2nd Volume includes the safety actions for the implementation of strategic priorities for aviation safety. Actions proposed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and HCAA have been included.