air transport economics

Traffic Rights

The procedure for the allocation of limited air traffic rights is carried out in order to select the air carriers to be designated for air carriage when the international agreement stipulates restrictions on the number of frequencies or on the number of air carriers that are entitled to operate the flights.

The traffic rights allocation is carried out according to the procedure laid down in the National Regulation on the designation of a Community air carrier established in Greece for the operation of scheduled services between Greece and countries outside the European Union. (Government Gazette  Β/1383/03-08- 2007 και Allocation Procedure - OJ - EU) and the respective Air Service Agreement (ASA).

List of Air Transport Agreements

Air carriers interested in being designated under the mentioned procedure shall submit their applications within 20 days from the date of publishing the notice.

Under the procedure for the allocation of limited air traffic rights additional information or documents may be requested.

The competent Division of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority for examining applications according to article 6 is Economic Oversight Division.