An organisation responsible for the design of products, parts and appliances or for changes or repairs thereto shall demonstrate its capability and shall be approved by the competent authority in accordance with Annex I (Part 21) of Regulation (ΕC) Nr. 748/2012 of the Commision.
A Part-21 Organization may be approved to:
(a) issue of type-certificates, restricted type-certificates, supplemental type-certificates and changes to those certificates;
(b) issue of certificates of airworthiness, restricted certificates of airworthiness, permits to fly and authorised release certificates;
(c) issue of repair design approvals;
(d) showing of compliance with environmental protection requirements;
(e) issue of noise certificates;
(f) identification of products, parts and appliances;
(g) certification of certain parts and appliances;
(h) certification of design and production organisations;
(i) issue of airworthiness directives.