Airports Environmental Certification

In order to effectively manage environmental challenges and integrate the principles of sustainable development into Airports, a certified Environmental Management System is the basis for compliance with national and European environmental legislation, as well as the continuous improvement of Airport’s environmental protection.

Moreover, all cooperating third parties within the Airport Community (such as Ground Passenger Handlers and Cargo Service Agencies, Fuel Companies, etc.) must be certified for their own Environmental Management System, in accordance with national and international environmental certification standards.

For Environmental Certification, International Standards such as ISO 14001 & EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) set the requirements for the development and implementation of an effective Environmental Management System.

Environmental standards can be applied to improve the environmental performance of an entity or organization and to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of an Airport and related aviation activities.

HCAA intensively works for the regulation and supervision of Greek airports environmental performance and oversees the Environmental Reports for their compliance to Environmental Requirements, according to current regulatory framework for environmental protection.