Make a Complaint

In Greece, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) is the designated National Enforcement Body for the European Regulation 261/2004 on the rights of passengers traveling by air and receives complaints of violation of the rights stated in the Regulation, for flights:

  • departing from a Greek airport, regardless of the nationality of the airline
  • departing from airports of non-EU countries and arriving to a Greek airport with an airline of an EU country.

Note: For flights departing from airports in other EU countries, the competent authority is the one designated by the EU Member State. The competent National Bodies for the implementation of 261/2004 of each EU country can be found at the following address:

So, if in case of denied boarding, long delay, flight cancellation you have not been provided with the care or assistance or compensation stated in the Regulation:

  1. Contact your airline first by submitting your complaint. For this you can fill in and send the EU COMPLAINT FORM

If within a reasonable time the airline does not respond to you or if the response does not satisfy you:

  1. Submit a complaint to the HCAA by attaching in order of priority:

• EU COMPLAINT FORM (you can submit exactly what you filled out for the airline)

• Copy of ticket

• Boarding pass if provided

• Receipts

• Correspondence with the airline stating the date of first contact with it and its response, if any.

• Any other supporting documents you think may help to better consider your request.

The HCAA-Section of Passenger Rights processes the complaints in order of priority based on the date of their receipt.

Specifically, it studies the supporting documents, contacts the airport of the event if necessary and / or the airline in order to verify if a right is established under EU Regulation 261/2004, that is if there has been a violation of the regulation.

If a violation is established, the following procedure is followed:

Initial Contact: an e-mail is sent to the airline stating the type of violation and the manner of compliance and a response and / or compliance is expected within six (6) weeks from the date of receipt.

1st Reminder: If no response is received from the airline, a first reminder is sent setting an additional deadline of two (2) weeks.

2nd Reminder: If the airline does not respond, a 2nd and last reminder is sent setting a deadline of seven (7) days.

It is noted that the mentioned deadlines are meticulously observed and each stage of the above correspondence is notified to you, so that you are informed about the progress of your case. For your faster service, please avoid intermediate communication.

Imposition of a Fine: If the deadline expires without action, the HCAA proceeds with the process of imposing a fine on the airline.

We would like to inform you that the HCAA - Department of Passenger Rights - does not process complaints for which it is not clear that contact has been made with the airline first, which did not have the desired result.



The HCAA accepts complaints through a representative, provided that along with the complaint, it is also submitted:

  • Signed power of attorney certified for the original signature by a competent body
  • Identity card or passport.
  • Copy of ticket
  • Booking reference number.
  • E-mail address of the complainant

However, you are encouraged to submit your complaints directly to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, for a faster and more immediate resolution without any financial burden.