Voluntary Occurrence Reporting (VOR)

According to Article 5 of EU 376/2014 HCAA. has established a system of voluntary reporting of occurrences that have not been reported through the mandatory occurrence reporting system. Also, in this system, any other information that the reporter believes may pose a potential risk to aviation safety can be reported. Voluntary reports may be submitted in the same way as Mandatory reports are submitted to HCAA, that is:

- Through the ECCAIRS2 platform (https://aviationreporting.eu/),

- Via e-mail to [email protected],

- Through an anonymous or registered postal letter to HCAA.

For more information on how to report using the above methods please go to: "Mandatory Aviation Safety Incident Reporting (MOR)

In the organizations’s voluntary reporting system:

- Through the organizations' voluntary reporting system,

- Through anonymous correspondence to the organization.

To the National Organization for the Investigation of Aviation and Railway Accidents and Transport Safety (E.O.D.A.S.A.A.M.)

- Through the voluntary system of the Accident Investigation and Flight Safety Committee (E.O.D.A.S.A.A.M.)

And finally in any other convenient way, for example by phone at 210 35341347 or 210 35341344.

The Safety Management & Occurrence Reporting Section of HCAA, when receives a voluntary report, it takes care of its de-identification. This allows important safety information resulting from the analysis of confidential reports to be disseminated so that the reported information can be used to improve aviation safety.

Here you can see the principles of voluntary reporting, which must be followed by HCAA and by the organizations.