Licensing & Training

The Hellenic CAA is responsible for licensing and certification of air crew, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic services personnel and aviation security personnel.

The licensing process includes both theoretical and practical elements by approved training organizations (ATO).

The licence itself establishing that the holder has met a specific set of knowledge and experience requirements.

In this section the applicant may find information about the application process to the Hellenic CAA for the issue of such license.

Air Traffic Controllers need to hold a licence in order to be authorized to perform the duties related to their profession. The licences of Air Traffic Controllers were formerly issued according to ICAO’ s requirements. Following the general guidelines that were set out at 2004, concerning the provision of safe and efficient Air Navigation Services in the Single European Sky, the European Community issued specific rules for the implementation of a Air Traffic Controller License recognized among its member states.

In accordance with the above requirements, HCAA issues Student Air Traffic Controllers’ Licences and Air Traffic Controllers’ Licences given that the applicant:

  • Holds a valid medical certificate,
  • Is competent as far as linguistic requirements are concerned,
  • Has successfully completed the relevant courses of Certified Training Organisations.

List of Language Assessment Body ( LAB) for the assessment of Language Proficiency of Air Traffic Controllers can be found here.

Further information regarding the procedures related to the conditions that apply and the  procedures that are followed for the issuance of a Medical Certificate Class 3 is available in the " Aeromedical" section.