Environmental Certification

Environmental degradation has become a common concern for planet’s sustainable development. Environmental protection is efficient when harmonized policies and practices are adopted at national and international level.

Environmental Management Systems provide the framework for the systematic identification, evaluation and management of environmental activities, products and / or services of organizations, with the aim of complying with legal requirements, continuous improvement, and prevention of environmental pollution.

Environmental standards are currently reflected in Article 9(2) and Article 19(3) of the Basic Regulation (EU) 1139/2018, Annex II (Part-21) of the Implementing Regulation, and the Certification Specifications of CS-34 (emissions), CS-36 (noise) and CS-CO2 (CO2 Emissions).

EASA is involved in standardization committees working on technical specifications which support the ICAO standards (e.g. SAE, ISO). HCAA cooperates with EASA and the European Commission to implement Environmental Standards in line with EU law, and to provide certification in environmentally critical areas of Civil Aviation.

The environmental certifications provided by the HCAA are:

1) Aircraft Noise Certification

2) Emissions Certification

3) Airports Environmental Certification