Safeguarding of aerodromes from activities and developments in their surroundings which may cause unacceptable safety risks to aviation is included in the framework regarding aerodrome safety.

These activities and developments are:

  1. constructions proposed to be built beyond the limits of the obstacle limitation surfaces as well as other surfaces associated with the aerodrome,
  2. any development or change in land use in the aerodrome area,
  3. any development which may create obstacle-induced turbulence that could be hazardous to aircraft operations,
  4. the use of hazardous, confusing and misleading lights,
  5. the use of highly reflective surfaces which may cause dazzling,
  6. the creation of areas that might encourage wildlife activity harmful to aircraft operations,
  7. sources of non-visible radiation or the presence of moving or fixed objects which may interfere with, or adversely affect, the performance of aeronautical communications, navigation and surveillance systems.

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority approves regulations and procedures the implementation of which ensures aerodrome safeguarding with the establishment of detailed criteria for the control of such activities at the stage of licensing/approval.