The Aeromedical Section of HCAA is responsible for the certification and oversight of Aeromedical Centers (AeMCs) and Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs). It is also responsible for the ensurance and oversight of the medical requirements’ application for flight crews, air traffic controllers, cabin crews and parachutists.

Both AeMCs and AMEs are certified by HCAA to issue aero-medical certificates to the above mentioned personnel. A list of the AeMCs and AMEs that are currently certified can be found here.

Furthermore, the AMS gives a continuous professional support to AMEs, by maintaining professional collaboration and by cooperating in the assessment of aero-medical cases. Under this scope, the AMS of HCAA coordinates all aviation medicine related matters and, specifically handles cases of:

  • Medical review;
  • Referral/ Consultation/ Appeals;
  • Recognition of Medical Certificates issued in another EU Member State