Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

Instructions for the Candidates
1.    Candidates should arrive to the HCAA Exam’s Center 30 minutes before the scheduled time of their exams. The address of the HCAA Exam facilities is: Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”, Spata,19019, Building 46. The building can be found via google maps.
2.    Candidates shall present an appropriate identification ID at the entrance of the Examination’s Center in order to enter. Otherwise, entrance will be forbidden. After the entrance and during their stay in the Exam’s center, candidates are kindly requested to keep quiet, as possible.
3.    Candidates should follow the instructions of label signs and HCAA employees in order to proceed to the Exam’s Office.
4.    After arrival in the Exam’s office:
  • Candidates’ ID will be checked and subjects to be taken will be declared.
  • Candidates should lock all their personal belongings (phone, wallet, watch etc.) into a closet with a number identical to their seat’s number. They will hold the key of the closet until they are done.
  • Candidates are allowed to keep in the exam’s room the following:
                   a) A scientific, non-programmable, non-alphanumeric calculator without specific aviation functions. They can also use the PC’s inbuilt scientific calculator that can be found on the desktop bar
                   b) Mechanical navigation slide-rule (e.g. CRP-5)
                   c) Protractor
                  d) Compasses and dividers
                  e) Ruler
                  f) Pencils & eraser
Anything else is strictly forbidden!
  • Before entering the examination room, candidates will be asked to empty their pockets and put any electronic devices in their closet.
  • An Invigilator will guide them to their seat and will ensure their proper entering into their test.
  • Candidates should remain quiet during their stay in the examination room.
  • Candidates should not cheat by any means.
  • Candidates are not allowed to speak to any other candidate. They can only speak to an Invigilator, after raising their hand and wait for him/her to reach them.
  • Candidates should know that there is no way to pause their exam.
  • By finishing the test, candidates should inform the Invigilators, by rising their hand. They have to wait until an Invigilator escort them to the Administrator’s office, in order to obtain their results.
  • If they are taking another test:
                a) They can inform the Exam’s office about their next test and follow again, without any pause, the same procedure as before (point d).
                b) They are allowed to take a break, up to 15 minutes between two successive exams taken. In that case, after entering the Administrator’s office, they will be checked again as in point (a). During the short brake, they can have access to their closet.
  • When candidates are done with their exam(s) and before leaving the Examination center they should take all their belongings locked in the closet and leave the key in the Administrator’s office.
Queries    Personnel Licensing Section, A2/C Flight Standards Division Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. Athens International Airport, Building 45, 19019, Greece, [email protected]
Validity    In Force until Further Notice