Aircraft Maintenance License


Implementing the 15th February 2024 HCAA Governor’s decision regarding the Part 66 Application Procedures, the following apply:

1. The submission of all types of applications regarding Part 66 will be exclusively in electronic format (softcopy) and only to the HCAA Secretariat at the email address [email protected]

2.  The submission of the Form 19 of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority for each category of application as posted on the official website, is mandatory.

3. The submission of a separate application form, completed and signed correctly, as posted on the official website of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, accompanied by the required documents and fee, per request, is mandatory. Each application will be submitted with a separate email message. Detailed instructions will also be posted on the HCAA website.

4. The submission of identification documents (eg ID, passport, residence permit etc.) for each application as well as the relevant authorization when submission and delivery are made by a third party or entity other than the applicant, is mandatory. In the case of applications submitted through an organization or third party or any other entity, the applicant's consent must also be submitted, along with the full identification and contact details of the representative of the applicant.

5. The return and non-receipt of applications that do not meet the above-mentioned conditions 1 to 3, constitute a rejection. The applicant will be notified accordingly through an automated and reasoned email message.

6. In case of rejection of the application, a new application with a new fee will be submitted. The fee already committed with a specific application and fee number must not be used in the new application, under no circumstances. However, applications excluded from the fee payment requirement due to the relevant Ministerial Decision are exempted. New applications will receive a new protocol number and will be re-evaluated.

7. The examination of applications will be done exclusively in chronological order according to the protocol number assigned and the date of submission. For any exceptions or necessary expedited examination of the request, the relevant application must be accompanied by a reasoned and documented letter which will be evaluated by the HCAA. Applicants must submit their applications in a timely manner, more specifically in a sufficient timeframe before the expiration date (license, type rating etc).

8. Printing licenses with an integrated unique QR code containing license information. This tool will be linked to the authenticity verification process of the license and will be developed exclusively by the HCAA.

9. The delivery of all types of licenses to the interested parties will take place exclusively by the HCAA Secretariat, either via email or in person pick up / delivery. Precondition for the delivery of the new license is that the applicant must have already returned the valid /existing AML already holding.

10. In case clarification or additional information beyond what is described above is required, the applicants or organizations will communicate exclusively with the HCAA Secretariat Department. Communication using e-mail is encouraged in order to maintain objectivity and transparency.

11. Any further announcement and other informational material needed will be published on the website of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The above are into immediate implementation from the day of publication.