Certificate of Registration

Registration of Aircraft

HCAA maintains, in accordance with international provisions, a registry of all aircraft registered in the Hellenic Republic. Aircraft registration is administered by HCAA Flight Standards Directorate, Department of Airworthiness and Aircraft Register (DAAR).

The Certificate of Registration

The HCAA gives a unique code to each aircraft which designates the nationality of the operator for the specific aircraft. The Certificate of Registration is considered a formal document that is required to be always present on the aircraft.

The applicant for the registration of the aircraft to the Hellenic Registry of Civil Aircraft or any change to the data of any existing registration therein, shall apply to HCAA FSD with the specific documents attached.

In case of a legal person/entity, the application shall be signed by a legal representative or a specifically and formally authorized person for that scope.

In case of an individual, the formal National Identification Card (or Passport) of that person shall suffice.

Issuance of a Certificate of Registration

The documents required to be attached to the application shall be the following.

1.SOLEMN DECLARATION. (Ν.1599/1986) that the aircraft is not registered in any other State’s Registry, in case for a new aircraft.

In case the aircraft is not new, in addition to the above Declaration, it shall be required to submit the De-Registration Certificate from the previews State that the aircraft was registered.

The De-Registration Certificate shall be sent to HCAA directly from the previews State that the aircraft was registered.

2.The formal documents for the Nationality of the applicant. The priviledge for the registration of an aircraft to the Hellenic Registry is defined in Art. 18 and 23 of N.1815/88 as replaced and amended by Art.23 par.6 of N.3333/05-FEK 91/A.

3.The formal documents to establish the proof of ownership / lease agreement of the aircraft shall be the aircraft sale document, private or legal or, if it is leased, the relevant lease agreement.

It is pointed out that the Bill of Sale or the lease agreement, in case the transaction or the lease contract is performed abroad, is required to be drafted in accordance with the National Laws of the State in which the draft was made (A.K. Art.11) and must be validated by the relevant Consul from the Hellenic Embassy or it may bare the description A POSTILLE (N. 1497/84).

These documents, if they have been drafted in any other language besides English, they shall be required to be accompanied with a formal translation, in order to be filed in the Hellenic CAA Aircraft Registry.

4.The documents from the customs authority (as applicable) concerning the applicable financial arrangements for the aircraft (custom clearance, tax payment, etc.)

5.Insurance Contract or Insurance Company (or Broker) Declaration (not just an insurance agent), covering damages to the aircraft, the occupants, the cargo, third parties etc. (N.1815/88, EK 785/04). The new operator shall be described as the insured entity, independently who the owner or the lessor of the aircraft is. Other physical or legal persons may be added in the insurance contract/certificate as co-insured.

6. Certificate of Airworthiness of the aircraft that has been issued (or accepted) by the Flight Standards Division. This is only applicable for the first aircraft register to the Hellenic Aircraft Registry.

The Aircraft to be registered must bear an identification plate as described in Art.2 of ICAO Annex 7, Issue 6th.

The HCAA bears the right to perform ad-hoc inspections of the aircraft in order to investigate whether the requirements as described in ICAO Annex 7 regarding the requirements for signs of Nationality and Registration are met.

The HCAA shall bear the right to request any additional documents as appropriate for the purpose of the Aircraft Registry, when deemed necessary.

Change of ownership of Aircraft and CoR

The change to the ownership of an aircraft, that is performed in Greece / Hellas, which is already registered in the Hellenic Registry of Civil Aircraft, it shall be required to submit the invoice or the transaction agreement for the transfer/alteration.

The agreement must be validated for the signatures authenticity of the contractual parties.

The new owner of the aircraft is required to fulfill the terms and conditions described in Art.18 and Art.23 of N.1815/88 as amended.

Specifically, in the case where an aircraft is transferred between physical persons, copy of the payment of the applicable tax and the tax office specified invoice is required to be submitted.

For the aircraft lessee change, the lease termination agreement signed as applicable and the new lease agreement signed as applicable, are required to be submitted to HCAA.

For aircraft lessee change that is leased by an operator, the customs clearance/declaration in the name of the new lessor is required to be submitted.

In any case, during any change and replacement of the Certificate of Registration, the old Certificate must be returned to HCAA.

In the case where a Hellenic registered aircraft is leased to a Greek/Hellenic operator, the matters concerning applicable taxes for the transaction and delivery are described in POL 1246/24-11-2014.

The HCAA shall bear the right to request any additional documents as appropriate for the purpose of the Aircraft Registry, when deemed necessary.

The erase of Aircraft from the Hellenic Registry

In the cases where an aircraft is to be erased from the Hellenic Registry of Civil Aircraft, the owner (and owner of the Certificate of Registration), is required to submit to HCAA the required documents for the proof of the aircraft export (customs export clearance), together with the documents that justify the transfer of the aircraft to another State (e.g. Termination of lease Contract/Agreement, change to the ownership, etc.) and return the original Certificate of Registration to HCAA.

In case of aircraft destruction, a certificate from the applicable authority (e.g. NTSB, AAISB, etc.) is required to be submitted, or a declaration from the Insurance Company about the Insurance payment accompanied by the report from the insurance expert.

In case where the requirements for the owner or lessee Nationality seize to exist (Art.18 ad Art.23 of N. 1815/88 as replaced and amended with par.6 Art.23 of N.333/05-FEK 91/A), he/she shall be required to notify without delay to HCAA and the Certificate of Registration shall be returned to HCAA in order for the aircraft to be erased.

In any case that the aircraft is going to be de-registered and permanently erased from the Hellenic Registry, all markings concerning the aircraft Nationality and Register must be erased/removed and the aircraft identification plate must be returned to HCAA.

The HCAA shall bear the right to request any additional documents as appropriate for the purpose of the Aircraft Registry, when deemed necessary.

The erase of Aircraft from the Hellenic Registry

In case of loss or damage of the original Certificate of Registration, a certificate before a sworn jury, drafted at a public notary or public authority must be submitted.

Aircraft mortgage

In the case of aircraft (or engine) mortgage, the title of the mortgage (public notary or individual document) shall be submitted to the HCAA, accompanied by a brief summary in two copies.

For the mortgage erase, a certificate from the borrower regarding the debt payment is required, accompanied by his/her consent for the mortgage erase.

Required documents for proof of legitimacy of the legal or physical entities that sign the sale or lease transactions, consents, mortgages.

For the legitimacy of foreign state legal entities, it is considered as legitimate when the contract document bears the description “notarized apostile (N.1497/1984)”.

Where the legal action is a notarized document, the contractual parties are required to submit foreign state Authority certificates (public documents), that designate the legal structure of the company, the principal place of business and the legitimacy of the entities that sign the legal document or authorize other entities or physical persons to sign the specific legal document on their behalf of the legal person/entity.

These certificates must bear the indication APOSTILLE.

In case of legal entities, it must be proved, through the legal documents, the will for the accomplishment of the legal action by the pertinent management entities (e.g. the board of directors)

The HCAA shall bear the right to request any additional documents as appropriate for the purpose of the Aircraft Registry, when deemed necessary.


The applicable fees are established with the YPA/K.G./D11/G/20074/5-6-2019, FEK/B/2658/1-7-2019.