HCAA Governor Dr Christos Tsitouras statement on the High-Level Meeting on a Long Term Aspirational Emissions Reduction Goal for International Aviation (LTAG) - 18 to 22 July 2022, ICAO, Montreal



Distinguished Delegates of this High Level Meeting (on Long-Term Aspirational Goals /LTAG) thank you for the opportunity to present a statement on behalf of Greece.

Climate change is happening, already affecting South Europe and especially States like Greece with many small islands, which are quite more vulnerable to climate extreme impacts. Our country, due to its geographical morphology, has more than 100 inhabited islands, which heavily relay on international aviation for worldwide transportation, tourism, and economic growth.

All sectors, including aviation have to contribute to the global temperature goals for mitigating climate crisis. Under the Paris agreement, Greece as a member of European Union is committed to cut anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, supporting the European Green Deal for fighting climate change.

ICAO Long-Term Aspirational Goal (LTAG) report shows that international aviation can significantly reduce its emissions by the middle of this century by using in-sector measures like a) innovative aircraft technologies; b) operational redesign conducive to emissions reductions; c) development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels and use of cleaner energy sources.

Greece and the new established Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority welcomes the initiatives led by ICAO to bring States, aviation industry, and the investment community together in this High Level Meeting (HLM) with the aim of providing leadership and technical support to all Stakeholders towards decarbonisation of aviation sector by 2050, in line with the No Country Left Behind Initiative.

Greece also recognizes the importance of all states achieving a collective global aspirational goal and the means to monitor the progress of this LTAG, by collecting and sharing data which can be provided by State Action plans and the CORSIA CO2 reporting requirements.

All Member States are encouraged to show solidarity with one another and work together under the guidance of ICAO to achieve aviation sustainable development and carbon neutral growth to address climate change challenges/impacts.

Thank you for your attention.