160th meeting of ECAC Directors General of Civil Aviation DGCA-160 / Paris / 23 May 2023



On May 23, the 160th Meeting of Civil Aviation Directors General of ECAC member countries took place in Paris. Greece was represented by the Governor Dr. Christos Tsitouras and the Head of the General Directorate of Economic Oversight of HCAA, Kalliopi Lykou. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was represented at the meeting by the Ambassador, M. Sarantis, Permanent Representative of Greece to ICAO.

At the meeting, important issues related to both the future planning of Civil Aviation strategies in Europe and issues related to the World Civil Aviation Organization were discussed.

At the opening of the meeting, the Secretary General of ICAO, J. C. Salazar, underlined the importance of the supervisory and regulatory actions of the Civil Aviation Authorities as it enters an era of technological and energy iterative, with rapid steps placing the environment and sustainability at the center of every policy.

Also, the Director of the Aviation Unit of the European Commission F. Cornelis, the head of Eurocontrol R. M. Caballero, the Director of the Regional Office of the ICAO in Paris, N. Rallo and also a representative of EASA were placed on issues of recovery of air traffic and policies to support the sector.

The HCAA Governor was invited by the head of ICAO J. C. Salazar and the Director of the Regional Office of ICAO in Paris, N. Rallo to a meeting that took place on the same day in Paris, to inform the World Organization on important issues of the civil aviation of our country.



HCAA Governor Dr. Tsitouras also had bilateral discussions with the representatives of the European Commission and Eurocontrol. Further meetings and conferences to be announced soon, have been planned at the HCAA premises during the period from July to September 2023 with the heads of ICAO, EASA, EUROCONTROL on issues of common interest and with the aim of jointly promoting more effective actions and policies in the field of Air Navigation.

During the DGCA/160 meeting the member states discussed and positioned themselves on, among other things, issues and planned actions in support of the Ukrainian civil aviation, actions of the outgoing Presidency of Sweden in the Council of the European Commission (ReFuel and SESII+ chapter 4), the high importance of Facilitation as a sector of Civil Aviation and agreed on the creation of an ECAC Quality Assessment program that will start in the year 2024 for capacity building for all member states. Issues of strategic interest were discussed in a closed meeting.