HCAA participation in the ECAC Forum/15: Consequences of the crisis and future resilience of the air transport sector, Paris, 6 December 2022 and in the 159th Meeting of DGCAs, Paris, 7 December 2022



HCAA was represented by the Governor / DG Dr CHRISTOS Tsitouras and the General Director of Economic Oversight and Administrative Support, K. Lykou.  The DGCA meeting coincided with the International Civil Aviation Day.

The ECAC Forum/15 took as its theme “Consequences of the crisis and future resilience of the air transport sector”. This theme was explored over the course of three sessions: the first looked at the practical elements of the crisis that became evident over the summer, in particular labour demands and skill retention. The second looked more broadly at the changes in the international context in which aviation operates, notably the weaker reliance that might now be placed on legal instruments following the experience of unilateral restrictions. The third looked at the regulatory and industry actions needed to ensure that the sector remains innovative and sustainable to meet public expectations.

The second day, HCAA DGCAs in the 159th meeting, exchanged, among others, views on lessons learnt from the 2022 Council elections and the European achievements in each domain during the 41st session of the ICAO Assembly, adopted the amendments to the “Best Practice Document for European coordination on ICAO matters” and adopted the Terms of Reference of the task group on the ECAC legal status (LEGS).