Participation of HCAA in the 12th EU/ECAC dialogue / Valencia, Spain / 24-25 October 2023


Kostas Iatrou, Alessio Quaranta, Filip Cornelis, Christos Tsitouras

The Directors General of Civil Aviation of the European Union and members of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), held a session in Valencia, Spain, the 12th EU/ECAC dialogue with the main theme of sustainability in aviation. The main axis of the meeting was the dialogue with the European transport industry. Greece was represented by the HCAA Governor, Dr. Christos Tsitouras. Sustainable aviation has evolved in recent years from a general concept to a necessary condition for the development and long-term resilience of the aviation field. This year's meeting explored the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability in the aviation sector.

The meeting was attended by 140 participants, including high-level aviation policy makers, airline and airport leaders, air navigation service providers, representatives of the aviation industry, environmental stakeholders, academics, representatives of economic organizations as well as representatives of local and international organizations. Keynote speakers were Filip Cornelis, Director of Aviation of the European Commission as well as Alessio Quaranta, President of ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference)

All participants agreed that they share a common vision for a resilient and sustainable European civil aviation and discussed practical ways to ensure it in the future.