Approval of the Code of Conduct of HCAA/ Athens/ January 9, 2024

The Minister of Infrastructure & Transport, Mr. Staikouras, approved with his decision the Code of Conduct of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The HCAA Code of Conduct was issued within the framework of the provisions of its founding law 4757/2020 and is the official Code of Professional Conduct for the Authority's Staff. It largely follows the Management Standards of the Greek and European Public Sector, as well as the Ethics Standards of similar Civil Aviation Authorities abroad.

The Code of Conduct defines the normative framework of conduct for both the Governor and the Executive Board as well as for the Authority's Staff. The implementation of the Code of Conduct aims to cultivate and spread a common philosophy and culture, based on duty and ethics for all of HCAA’s actions, as a favored, modern and dynamic Public Independent Authority.

A key pillar of the drafting of the aforementioned Code is the establishment of a Just Culture, which will be a fundamental basis for the behavior of the Authority's human resources. It precisely regulates matters of conflict of interest of the Authority's staff and outlines their appropriate professional behavior inside and outside the HCAA. The Code clearly captures the values ​​and standards that pervade HCAA, which are perfectly suited to its important supervisory and regulatory role, and practically functions as a useful point of reference for the Management and its employees.