Statements of the HCAA Governor, Dr. Christos Tsitouras to the Special Committee of the Hellenic Parliament, "Tempe" / December 18, 2023

As stated by the HCAA Governor, Dr. Christos Tsitouras, in the Special Committee of the Hellenic Parliament on the tragic accident of Tempe, the primary goal is to avoid "air Tempes".

Fully aware of the gravity of this statement, with absolute respect for the families of the victims and to avoid any misinterpretation of his statement, the HCAA Governor, from the position of responsibility entrusted to him by the Greek state, he demonstrated and emphasized that the primary purpose of the HCAA is to ensure Aviation Safety, to avoid similar tragic incidents.

After all, this was proven by the evaluation of the HCAA which was completed today, 18/12/2023, by the World Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, with seven experienced inspectors who for 15 days inspected all areas of aviation security and in particular the ability of the HCAA to regulate and supervise the aviation market successfully.

In particular, from the results, which range from excellent to very satisfactory and in any case above the global average, as this will be announced in detail by sector within the next few days, it emerged that within a short period of time, the great effort of political leadership and the HCAA always aiming at security, it is possible to improve the levels and safeguards that the country provides in a security-critical sector, through the close cooperation of the HCAA with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as well as the aviation market, which was also inspected and deemed to comply with safety rules.

The next major effort will be the maintenance and continuous improvement of the high performance of HCAA.